Kidada Hawkins

Philanthropy & Community Involvement

A Community-Minded Healthcare Leader in Auburndale, FL

Kidada Hawkins is a community-minded professional who works in healthcare administration and management. He is passionate about giving back and helping communities thrive by providing the necessary support and resources. This drives his professional career as he works with underperforming hospitals and healthcare systems to turn around their metrics and help them serve their patients more effectively. Kidada Hawkins has consistently improved patient experience ratings in his executive roles while increasing revenue and implementing new care programs.

Currently living in Auburndale, Florida, Kidada Hawkins dedicates some of his free time to serving local nonprofit organizations. He is a board member of the FORGE Breast Cancer Survivor Project, Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School, and Kid One Transport. Kidada has also served on the chamber of commerce board in several locations. In these roles, Kidada Hawkins enjoys sharing his business knowledge and leadership expertise in ways that benefit his local community and people in need.

One of Kidada Hawkins’ primary strategies when entering a new hospital system is to evaluate the company culture. Whether the system is for-profit or not-for-profit, Kidada understands that having a healthy culture is one of the keys to success. When a team is inefficient and unhappy, patients will pick up on that energy and are more likely to have poor experiences. By recruiting the right talent and improving operational efficiency, Kidada Hawkins can transform crucial healthcare facilities so that they can continue serving the local community for years to come.

In addition to evaluating company culture, Kidada Hawkins also works to evaluate community perceptions. He understands that if the community has a poor perception of the healthcare facility, they are less likely to utilize its services when needed. By focusing on patient experience, Kidada has helped improve community perceptions of multiple facilities, allowing them to help the community more effectively by becoming a welcoming and positive space for treating medical needs.

Kidada Hawkins’ educational background is in biology and business, and he has earned two master’s degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Those degrees are in business administration and health services administration. To further his qualifications, Kidada Hawkins has also pursued certifications in Lean Six Sigma and healthcare financial management. Kidada Hawkins strives to be a lifelong learner and servant leader, always willing to collaborate with other professionals to find the most effective solutions to business problems. 

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